The most fabulous Thunderbird to PST conversion method!

To convert Thunderbird to PST conveniently one has to make the right choice of software. The one you should be opting for is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. It is perfect for Thunderbird to PST migration no matter how complicated the contents, it can give the results you wanted. A factor which can make or break the experience of data migration is whether or not the software being used is capable of providing a safe place to the data, this software is excellent with all sorts of data.

Thunderbird to PST conversion

The tool also convert your Apple Mail data into PST file format.

Most nuanced yet simple Thunderbird to PST conversion experience for users

Although there would be a lot of complicated steps going underneath the surface of the software, all the users have to deal with is a user-friendly software that gives them the proper instructional on how to transfer their data. Even an inexperienced beginner can convert their data easily with this software since the interface guides them perfectly into it.

Ultra-fast data conversion

For convenient and fast conversion of data from Thunderbird to PST you can always rely on this software. It manages to squeeze multiple files in a single batch of conversion, thereby saving the users’ time. This is particularly helpful since one can convert several files in the amount of time they would have otherwise used to convert just a few files. This applies to even the complicated, huge files.

Splits large PST files

Large PST files can be a nuisance when it comes to conversion. But the users do not have to worry about them. This software can split the files into smaller sizes and get the conversion going.

Compatible with double-byte characters of languages

Some non-english languages use double-byte characters, this software can easily recognize those, thus universally applicable. Several asian languages like chinese, japanese and korean use double-byte characters, this software can recognize them easily. So, the users do not have to hesitate in converting any sort of file when using this software.

Arranges folders in the perfect sequential order

After the conversion it often happens that the folders are messily spread everywhere, we have taken special care to ensure that it does not happen. The folders are all brought together and kept in the perfect hierarchy. The folders and subfolders are arranged hierarchically, you can locate the file you need at the moment instantly.

Convert data directly in the mac

To save the users from a lot of complicated steps and also their time, this software converts the files in the mac directly. As one does not have to transfer the data first to windows, the process is much less complicated. Not to mention, this methodology makes the software perfect for those looking for secure data conversion.

Bug-free software

People vying to keep the process free of errors have this software as the perfect option. When a software comes with a bug it can freeze or slow down considerably, users of this software would not have to struggle with those problems.

The free trial version is ready to download, click on the link below.

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